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Scary times

Well after a somewhat amazing February working on 8 Bit Symphony, March is looking a little strange if not concerning.

Jobs that have been booked in are now PENDING or CANCELLED due to the Coronavirus and as someone who is Self Employed this becomes quite daunting.

Bookings over the next few months are all up in the air.

So while most of us freelancers / self employed people are already facing the the daunting effects of Brexit, what may or may not happen, we are now facing the effects of a viral flu.

I find it really hard to comprehend how we are in of sorts being neglected.

If you fall sick in a place of work, regardless you will get sick pay from the government during this period HOWEVER whilst self employed it becomes a grey area.

There is no real coverage for what is to come with all this should it get out of control.

We've already seen Italy shut down to control the spread, and at anytime the UK could potentially do the same. Where does this leave us in regards to rights? We have to live, like the next person.

Obviously, I will be honouring my work commitments as a freelance Media Creative, and yes I will be constantly monitoring my health but in the same breath I fear more for the freelancers / self employed who will now have a battle on their hands to keep the work coming in.

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