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Lockdown Begins

Well this really is happening :( First and foremost I want to send love to you all in these difficult times. It's going to be hard BUT we can and will get through this.

As a self employed person, these are (like all self employed people) difficult times with a lot of uncertainty. Rest assure I am going nowhere and once this is all over I will be back and back with avengence.

Creatively, I am working closely with all my fellow clients whom I have worked with over the years. You would not believe all the brainstorming we are doing right now for projects we are going to do in the future / when we are allowed to.

We will get through this with a positive mind set, life is temporarily on hold but that gives us scope to think, to change things for the good and assess what we as humans can do better, whether this is for ourselves OR in the wider world.

So what am I doing right now and how am I surviving?

Well, other than chatting all things creative I am trying to get some structure to my life.

I am trying to organise my days where I get up at a certain time and go to bed at a certain time. Call it timetabling my days.

This week is pretty much sorting that out, collecting parcels (all for my pets) and working out how to positively utilise my time. I'm even contemplating exercise here (and I seriously am not a gym bunny to say the least lol)

What I will be doing is blogging a lot. We're all in this together and if one of my posts helps one person in some shape or form it's a job well done.

Expect lot's of rabbit and cat chat, what i've been watching and ultimately how i've been passing the days.

Bare with me .... I will be back ;)

Stay safe, stay inside and love like you have never loved before.

Be Kind.

Much love

Lorraine x

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