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It's been so long and as you can imagine times are really trying right now.

As you can also imagine (And i'm an honest kinda gal) it's been really quiet for me as I predominantly work in the Creative Arts sector.

There has been no gigs, no theatre and very little movement on the filming side.

It really has been pants.

So what have I been doing with my time?

Well I was, as per previous posts going to blog about allsorts but sadly it really did all go wrong.

In May I lost my uncle to cancer and in August lost my mum to organ failure.

So all that really has threw me for six.

I have also been making business decisions since March.

I have decided to focus solely on the photography and in turn this meaning I will no longer be offering film production and sound services.

With all this going on in the world I have reverted to seeking a (What we call in the arts) "Normal" job and now working on a rolling contract as an administrator. The company I work for are amazing and strangely there are a few creatives in there so a mass collaboration is definitely on the cards at some point.


What is the future looking like for LA Production Solutions?

Well, pretty good actually.

Overall there are no major overheads, which means I will survive this madness.

When this is over I will still be able to get back to it.

2021 is looking positive and that is a blessing. Covid 19 has put a halt on this year's projects but it has definitely NOT stopped them.

Tours, Music Festivals etc are rescheduled AND best of all , all other projects are still going ahead.

For those who follow my work, 8 Bit Symphony is still very much moving forward.

The last major job I did in Feb 2020 was in Prague recording the album.

This autumn should have seen a second album recorded, but sadly due to restrictions it has not happened.

NEVER FEAR this has now been rescheduled for May/June 2021

So all being well, I should be back off to Prague then.

The first album has been printed (after lockdown halted pressing) and the DVD / BluRay is due out shortly. Obviously, this is making me so excited as the whole team have worked so hard throughout lockdown to make sure this all happens.

We are all scattered across the UK and Europe but ultimately we made it work.

I can't wait to be reunited with everyone - I miss them all.

So what have I managed to do?

Well it has been interesting to say the least.

I've photographed a Covid lab - yes you heard me right (See media links tab on my website)

I've photographed a Strongest Man Competition

And I am about to embark on a social distanced shoot (Or 3 - dependant on restrictions) with my good friends who I spend most of my time with (When there isn't a pandemic going on) Chrissy and Rick AKA The Blackheart Orchestra. They have a Instrumental album coming out called "Mute" that needs some promo material and a vocal album that will also need promo shots. Who Knows what we will get, but for those who know me I LOVE A CHALLENGE.

So for now I am gonna sign off. Stay safe guys and gals and as soon as I have any update on anything I will let you know.

Much Love

Lorraine x

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