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I'm Back

Oh WOW !! I can't believe I haven't posted on my blog for over a year.

In all fairness, I have been really busy (which is always good) so i'm going to have to TRY and sort some time out to blog away over the year.

So what have I been up to over the last 12 months?

Well, where do we start ......

So to the latter part of 2018 I mentioned I had been working with a fantastic team on a fantastic project called 8 Bit Symphony.

The event in June 2019 was a massive success - It even got coverage on BBC's "The One Show". Following on from the success of the show in Hull, The team are putting the final touches to the recording of the material performed.

It is an exciting venture supported by the general public AND gaming fans alike. This is going to be another EPIC venture believe me.

Following on from that project I had the pleasure of working alongside a charity "Layla's Rainbow". The charity raises money for Histio UK -

I've covered some pretty amazing events for them.

From a charity ball at the Midland Hotel in Manchester to a Full Monty event in Salford. There are more events coming up this year so I will try to keep you posted as I go along.

Added to that I've worked on a fair few music videos as Unit Photographer. The Blackheart Orchestra, Fanni Compton, Red Venom and Ben Hughes just to name a few.

We then have had private events - Birthday Parties and Weddings.

Thrown in for good measure we had corporate work and theatre productions as well.

So the photography side is going from strength to strength and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to work on some amazing projects.

However, I couldn't forget one major project I was given the chance to oversee in 2019 - and to be fair it was the icing on the cake when it comes to projects for the year.

Having worked alongside The Blackheart Orchestra for nearly 10 years now on either music videos OR promotional shoots we have formed not only an amazing working relationship but also become firm friends as well.

In the summer of 2019 they were FINALLY signed to Independent label Cherry Red Records which saw them catapulted to another league within the music industry. There debut release on the label "Mesmeranto" added to the success of the year with a Top 20 album and amazing reviews following suit.

With this in mind and following a booking to support Hawkwind on their 50th Anniversary Tour, I had the pleasure of joining them and collecting the visuals from their time on the tour. OMG I had such a blast, sharing some pretty special moments with them along the way including the final night at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Everyone on the tour was truly amazing and made me feel part of the Hawkwind family.

Following on from that, this year I will be working alongside The Blackheart Orchestra again helping them collect more visuals as they continue their journey as signed artists.

Not only that but I have also been asked to join Hawkwind in the summer at there August Bank Holiday Music festival "HawkFest". Honestly, I feel truly honoured to be playing a small part in such a big event. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am.

So what does 2020 have in store?

Obviously, we have the Hawkwind event in August which i'm sure will be a truly amazing experience AND my first music festival EVER.

Bookings are already in for weddings and parties, I have a Short Film booked in for Spring 2020, as well as all the bits in between ..... who knows.

All I do know is 2020 is going to be a special year.

I will try to keep you as updated as I possibly can - I think we have established I am pants at blogging lol

However, I am good at updating my Facebook page and Instagram, so if you do come across this blog and are interested in what I get upto, i'm sure you will find the answers on both of those sites.

So I will sign off now -as that has been one long post.

I'll be back

Lorraine x

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