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1st Birthday

Well who would of thought it.

I've been trading 1 year now and what a year it has been.

I've been fortunate to work with some many amazing (And talented) people over the last 12 months. Thank you so much for having me on board with your projects, it's been a blast.

My work has been viewed by thousands on websites, promotion, press and I've even bagged 2 single covers. Yes the amazing Fanni Compton has used not 1 but 2 of my photos for her single covers and I am ECSTATIC my work is appreciated to that degree.

Here is my current single cover for Fanni. Her "New Single" "Fool Such As I" available on ITunes NOW

So what's coming next ?

Well, I have 2 projects that are still very hush hush, I will be continuing working on The Button Bashers Movie and also alongside the 8 Bit Symphony team.

Another project came in just today, but as of yet I can't reveal anything till it's signed on the dotted line.

I hate secrecy but as soon as I can reveal anything I will :D

I will let you into a secret though (Shhhhhh) Another single cover could be dropping very soon and it's isn't with Fanni ;) - I'm waiting for 101% confirmation that the photograph is going to be used, but if it pulls off I will be on cloud 9 as it is a personal favorite of mine.

Hopefully I will be able to announce in the coming weeks.

So for now i'm going to wonder where the last 12mths have gone and look forward to the next year passing me by with some amazing collaborations.

For now THANK YOU so much for all your continued support.

Lorraine xox

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