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Busy few weeks

Oh Wow, What a crazy few weeks it has been.

I've been on lots of various projects of the last few weeks, from Sound Recording a few short films to Theatre Photography and Headshots. One session being with the cheeky chappy Ryan Lever (Shameless, Scott and Bailey)

It's been a blast working alongside old and new faces and I hope to work with everyone again in the New Year.

So moving forward, what does the future hold.

Well as the year winds down, and projects within the media industry naturally start to slow down the focus now is for 2019.

What a year it is going to be.

8bit Symphony will be dominating a lot of 2019 leading up to the concert in June 2019 in Hull.

I had a fab meeting with Alexandra Harding about her current projects and we are going to collaborate on a couple together.

As it stands I can't discuss them at present BUT as soon as I can you will be the first to know.

They are extremely exciting though and I am blessed that Alex has put her faith and trust in me not only as a person but also as a creative.

(Please do not assume self doubt on that comment, all will be revealed in due course)

So for now while I tie up the last little bits of 2018 it may go a little quiet. Never fear there will be some blogs coming up as there is still work going out as we speak **Exciting times**

Stay Safe my lovelies and I hope to be able to give you an update as soon as possible :D

Lorraine x

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