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8 bit Symphony

Well I've been hiding a few secrets over the last few months and finally I can reveal what it is.

As most people know I am currently working as a producer on a retro-gaming film "The Button Bashers".

Along the way I met Chris Abbott who owns C64 Audio.

He has over the last few years been working closely with Game scorers Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish to come up with a classical music concert SOLEY dedicated to the Commodore 64 music.

All game scores from the 1980's computer games have been converted into actual musical scores and ready for a orchestra to play the anthems of a middle age man's (And girls) youth.

I myself have been working alongside the team photographing it and will be doing so throughout the process.

I am so excited to play a small part in this dream becoming a reality.

Here's what I can tell you.

The first gig will be in 2019 (June 15th to be precise) and it will be held in Hull (The hometown of Rob Hubbard) at The City Hall.

Tickets for the event will be going on sale as soon as the FINAL contracts have been signed.

If all goes well it may also then tour :D

Exciting times ahead for the 8 bit Orchestra and Project Hubbard.

Thing On A Spring

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