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Busy times

It's been a while since i've posted a blog so as I have a day to myself I thought i'd update you as to what has been going on.

So first and foremost i've been working on 3 theatre projects.

The first one being a ladies night comedy theme based on 2 plays "Everyday Essentials" By Julie Habib (which I have covered previously) and "Kissing Frogs" By Sophie Osbourne.

Both shows are truly amazing and when they are on next deffo go and catch them.

Then I have been working on 2 shows simultaneously.

The first one I worked on late last year and have been drafted on the show again to cover the new casting for "We Apologise For The Inconvenience" This show will be running at the end of May.

The other show in which I have been working on is "Dear Nomad" which will have it's debut this weekend (4th-5th May) in Bolton as part of the Octagon Theatre REVEAL 18 week. With this I have covered character development through to dress rehearsal.

In between all that I have also photographed a wedding, which was really good fun and the pictures are awesome. (I will post once everything has been finalised etc) and also a charity event in aid of St Anne's Hospice.

Dear Nomad Character Building session

Then just for good measure I have done a bit of sound recording for an easter video AND a micro-short for Day Rooney.

It seriously hasn't stopped (Which is always good)

So what have I got coming up?

Well, more theatre photography is lined up as well as well as headshots and event photography.

I will also be attending the premier of the Arts Council project i've been working on "Where did all the arts go?" alongside Fred Longworth High School and Elerby Studios.

I also have some puppy photography to squeeze in at some point for a good friend. As long as I don't come back with one i'll be happy. (Im so broody for a dog right now - but have a cat and rabbit to deal with haha)

I will post as soon as I get a second to but keep an eye out on Instagram for all the latest pictures .

All the best,

Lorraine x

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