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Project Hubbard

I really couldn't be more excited to announce this if I tried, but I am pleased to announce that I will be working alongside Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard.

Unless you are possibly a die hard retrogamer who love's 8 bit computer games from the 1980's, those names might not be remotely known to you HOWEVER i'm sure the music will be.

To the latter part of 2017 Chris Abbott of C64 Audio set off a Kickstarter campaign to produce a book and new material from the composer Rob Hubbard and friends (Ben Daglish, Jason Page to name a few)

This smashed it's target and is well underway.

Being the Producer on Retrogaming feature film "The Button Bashers", I had known about this project before it was even launched and was instantly hooked on what was trying to be achieved.

The main principal goal was not only to get the book and new material out BUT to also get the London Symphony Orchestra to play and record the old gaming scores from the 80's.

Now TBH i'm really not a fan of 8 bit music at all, however whilst doing the film I learnt to appreciate the time it took to compose the music for computer games and bind it all together.

BUT when Chris let me listen to some of the pieces converted into orchestral scores, OMG I was blown away and instantly became a huge supporter of this massive challenge that Chris was trying to achieve.

To hear some of the rough drafts of the Symphony 64 collection headover to the Facebook page From that moment on I said "If there is anything I can do to help on this Project I would be honored to do it"

Low and behold he has took me up on the offer and how could I refuse.

So for the next few months I will be working closely with Chris and his team to bring stage one of this project to completion.

Far too excited for words :D

All the best


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