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So finally I am putting together my pricing , well actually it has been done for sometime however i'm forever looking at them.

I've always said, from day 1 that I wanted to assist fellow creatives with there creations. I love what I do and there is so many creative and talented people out there looking for a break that I am only too willing to help.

I am hoping that with the current pricing for emerging talent, it helps bring the talent forward.

The bonus of that is I can also offer it out to the general public too.

Economically it's a tough time for all and I hope by setting my prices at an inexpensive rate this benefits everyone.

Some people have said "Maybe your de-valuing your work" or "Your selling yourself short".

The truth is, I could be however my work will in the end sell itself.

As long as I make money to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head, I'll be happy.

Life is far too short to think what if ? etc

Let's all live for the here and now, live our dreams and show everyone what we can achieve

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